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Yes, this is a recommended site. This is a beautiful woman as shown in the picture. The price is also good and I think there is a certain quality. I’m really grateful for that! It’s been more than a month since I bought it, and I like all kinds of outfits when I have time! I think this is the cutest girl I’ve ever met, so I hope she’ll continue to be my wife with me! The face is prettier than the photo! I was healed by this doll! I think the real thing is pretty good! Very real and sexy. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, it is legit. This is an interesting TPE sex doll. Would be best used as an item that you lay on top of or over. It would be a bit too heavy to be used as a handheld unit. Feels very much like skin. Has a very soft feel. Openings are snug fitting as they should be for proper amount of friction. She’s sexy and charming, making me go crazy! Excellent product for excellent price. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legit. A very realistic doll, the details are also in place, I fell in love with it the first time I received it. I am so excited that I cannot express in words. The process of receiving and sending emails is quick and courteous, which is helpful. We are able to welcome her in very good condition as we also communicate the requirements for head makeup to the manufacturer as required. I am very satisfied. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legit and safe. Beautiful shape, no odor, very comfortable to use. The secret part is also the female genitalia itself, which creates excitement. After lubricating the inside and inlet, squeeze out the air inside while inserting the stick to improve adhesion and make you feel more comfortable. Easy to understand and fun. I was relieved that it was shipped and packaged so fast that others couldn’t understand the contents properly. Very discreet and thoughtful packaging. Thanks very much!

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Yes, it’s legit vendor. Very beautiful. In addition, the skeleton is solid, there is a sense of security, it is very soft, and it is not difficult to pose. Face shapes have their own characteristics, so it looks like your tastes will be different. The tits and pussy of this love doll are so real! The boobs feel like the real thing. It is comfortable to touch. The pussy is also beautiful, if you heat the inside and put it in, it’s almost like a real person. Overall, I feel very good!

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Yes, I think it’s amazing to be able to offer such a product at this price. I look forward to wearing a variety of clothes and posing. If I say it’s sturdy, it’s heavier than I expected. It is much lighter than a person of the same size. From purchase to arrival, I contacted the agent several times to confirm and correct the content, but I contacted the manufacturer and responded sincerely. Overall, I am satisfied. thank you very much.

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Yes, it’s a safe sex doll online shop! I feel good. It has a realistic structure and firmly conveys the feeling of intimacy and pleasure. It’s made of TPE material and looks durable, so it’s durable! The packaging is sturdy so the doll arrived undamaged. Even beginners will be able to greet the doll with peace of mind as they can even respond politely over the phone before purchasing. I love everything. I still go to the store to buy secret products.

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Yes, this is my favorite site! I already have 3 sex dolls, this is the best workmanship and price among the three, thanks to the photo service provided by the merchant before shipment, it is very good! Very real, the skin is really soft, like a real woman. This is basic satisfaction. I was amazed the moment I saw the product. I like it very much! thank you very much for the great doll and excellent service!

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Yes, nice seller! These BBW sex dolls are stunning and very fun to play with, to climb on top of, and to thrust into. I am big fans of these big sex dolls and hope sex doll manufacturers continue this trend of building sex dolls that represent my fantasies as much as they do reality. My love fantasy sex dolls. I have found a few of my favorites here. Will come soon to get more dolls.

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Yes, it’s a safe seller. It truly expresses the beauty of a woman’s body with a smooth touch like a woman’s skin. The real thing is also a really cute and beautiful girl. It is worth cherishing. I am single, so I bought the doll as a companion. It is even better than I imagined. They answered questions and requests amicably. I received a very cute item. Thanks a lot for the excellent value for money! Thank you.